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Staff Biography

Brandon Zuo

Junior Reporter

Brandon Zuo is a high schooler and enjoys reading about urban planning and transportation. They enjoy exploring the city on the bus and on their bike. They believe that income and racial equality should be at the forefront of urban development. Brandon Zuo formerly wrote under the pseudonym Hyra Zhang.

Recent Articles

A map of the multi-use trail connecting Lake Washington to Puget Sound. The trail is divided into segments A to E.

Exciting Progress on the 16-Mile Lake to Sound Trail

It’s almost time to say hello to a 16-mile multi-use trail connecting Renton to Des Moines and everything in between. King County Parks will soon begin construction on one of the last remaining segments of...

Sound Transit TOD Offers Chance to Transform Overlake Village

Sound Transit recently opened a survey looking for community input on their plans for transit-oriented development near the Overlake Village Light Rail Station. If you’d like, you can respond to it here. The rest...

Sound Transit Gets New Trains Ahead of Northgate Link’s October 2nd Debut

The more you look at the new Link train’s face, the harder it is to discern exactly what emotion it’s trying to express. Is it smiling, or is it rolling its eyes at you?...
Downtown Tacoma's stretch of Pacific Avenue hosts the Tacoma Link streetcar. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

Zoomers Flock to Tacoma over Pricey Seattle

You would have to be quite old to remember when it was cheaper to live in the city than the countryside. It’s been a long time since that second-floor bachelor pad in Chinatown was...
I-405 northbound car traffic with bridges and skyscrapers in the background.

Bellevue’s New I-405 Interchange Won’t Reduce Congestion

Cities across the country have poured billions and billions into ineffective road infrastructure projects that are leaving them deep in traffic and even deeper in debt. Here in Seattle, we’ve expanded so many roads...