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Staff Biography

AJ McGauley

Former Correspondent

AJ McGauley was a temporary transplant in the Seattle area, living in East King with his lovely wife for five years before returning to the great Midwest. Having lived in nine very different cities in the six years prior to moving to Washington, he discovered the wonky side of urbanism after reading The Urbanist and is interested in why cities grow (or don’t grow) in different ways. He worked for Sound Transit and can still be found riding transit for fun.

Recent Articles

McGauley: The Case for Seattle County

Growing up in the Old Northwest, I was used to townships and counties being small, arbitrary but generally orderly boxes that operate as the base unit of rural government. Around Indianapolis, the suburbs grew...
Downtown Bellevue viewed from the east with I-405 chasm setting off Wilburton. Seattle skyline and Lake Washington in the background. (

Bellevue Weighing Options for New I-405 Interchange in South Downtown

A new freeway interchange is likely on the way south of Downtown Bellevue. The City of Bellevue is partnering with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to evaluate improved I-405 access in south...
Albuquerque Rapid Transit, a center-running BRT - the gold standard to which Aurora should aspire (Credit: Albuquerque Rapid Transit,

Aurora’s Destiny Is Bus, Not Rail

Author's Note: This article is in response to Doug Trumm’s excellent piece on Aurora rail, which was in turn a response to Seattle Subway’s vision map. I recommend reading both, perhaps even first. Is rail...

Issaquah Updates Its Central District Visions

As the part of the Central Issaquah development moratorium, the city is refreshing the district visions established in the original Central Issaquah Plan (CIP) adopted in 2012.  For the update, start on  page 45 of...

Central Issaquah Public Hearing On Parking Design Standards

As the City of Issaquah continues working through its Central Issaquah development moratorium, there will be another public touch-point at 6.30pm this Thursday (June 22nd) to discuss everyone’s favorite topic: parking! The city is seeking public...