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Staff Biography

Charles Bond


Charles Bond is an avid cyclist that uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation. He grew up in the Puget Sound, but previously spent time overseas living in Japan. He covers a range of topics like cycling, transit, and land use. His time in Tokyo really opened his eyes to what urbanism offers people and has a strong desire to see growth happen in Seattle. He now lives in Japan. Follow him on Twitter @Charles_B_STB.

Recent Articles

A photo of a bright red streetcar.

The Case for Streetcar Lines to Magnolia and Fremont

In an earlier article, I argued Seattle should expand its streetcar network and ensure high quality service with dedicated transit lanes starting in Belltown. Now I'm going to describe a few more places where...
teal streetcar in Pioneer Square with Smith Tower and other buildings

With Simple Improvements, Streetcars Can Thrive in Seattle

Line extensions into neighborhoods like Belltown and the Central District are part of a set of solutions that would improve Seattle's streetcars. Seattle has had a troubled recent history with streetcars. The...
A photo of an Amtrak Cascades locomotive car surrounded by forest.

All Aboard Washington Releases New Passenger Rail Vision Map

The map visualizes more rail connections throughout the Northwest, including both cities and rural areas. With all of the transit developments happening in the Puget Sound region, it's easy to lose track of developments...
Artist concept of what a "WSDOT Ferry Style" car shuttle might look like. (Art by Patrick Fesler)

Mountain Ferry on Rails Could Help Fund Stampede Pass Upgrades

A ferry on rails could help electric cars get across the Cascade Mountains without burning up their battery or sitting in traffic. In my previous Local Cascades Service article about rebuilding Stampede Pass, I briefly...

Skip Freeway Expansions, Rebuild Stampede Pass

In previous coverage, we discussed the possibilities for local rail across the state, but also mentioned the problems with getting Stampede Pass ready for passenger rail. Recently, the state has discussed a minor expansion...