Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Andreas is an urban planner and transportation engineer currently based in Olympia, Washington. He graduated with a dual masters in planning and civil and environmental engineering from Georgia Tech in the Spring of 2019, and has since worked as a long-range planner for the Washington State Department of Transportation. He is a 2019 US DOT Eisenhower Fellow, awarded for his work on route planning and administration of county-run rural transit in the US State of Georgia.
The City of Olympia created this Missing Middle graphic which hints rowhouses are in their vision.
Early this year, Minneapolis made headlines when it decided to eliminate restrictive single-family zoning laws citywide. Others followed. Oregon passed a measure that requires cities larger than 10,000 in population to rezone areas for single-family homes to allow duplexes. In Washington, such changes have been attempted in...