Monday, 6 July, 2020

Martin grew up in Germany and now lives in Seattle. He is passionate about how public transportation infrastructure can reduce traffic congestion, climate impact, and housing cost while broaden access to transportation. During the day, he works for a tech company in the Pacific Northwest.
Transrapid series 09 vehicle at the Emsland Test Facility, northern Germany. (Credit: Állatka / Wikimedia Commons)
Earlier this year the city published a feasibility study to put a lid above I-5 to reconnect Downtown and First Hill, two neighborhoods divided by the freeway. It would add both housing and a park all above the freeway trench, but it should also incorporate high-speed rail....
Gondolas serve the city of Jounieh in Lebanon. (Credit: FunkMonk / Wikimedia Commons)
Seattle has plenty of hills and waterways which makes a subway system attractive in comparison to road-based solutions. But even a subway needs to worry about steep hills and water unless you’re willing to spend a ton of money building deep stations and maintaining escalators and elevators....