Sunday, 12 July, 2020

Matthew Metz is the founder and executive director of Coltura. Metz founded Coltura after purchasing his first electric car and wondering why his friends weren't also making the switch. Prior to founding Coltura, Metz founded the Metz Law Group, Jaguar Forest Coffee Company, the Central Area Development Association, and the Central Area Arts Council. He also worked in international development for an NGO in Mexico City. Metz is a graduate of the University of Chicago and UCLA Law School, and is the author of the citizenmetz blog, a blog focusing on the intersection of carbon and culture.
Wallingford's Shell gas station. (Photo by Matthew Metz)
In the midst of the lively local restaurants and coffee shops on N 45th Street in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood is a business bearing the logo of a famous multinational corporation.   State records indicate that discharges from this business have been contaminating the groundwater flowing...
An electric car charging outside a museum. (Credit: Slowking4, Wikimedia Commons)
Earlier this month, the Washington State House Transportation Committee held the country’s first-ever hearing on Clean Cars 2030, a bill that would require all new passenger and light-duty cars sold in the state to run on electricity or hydrogen, beginning with the 2030 model year. Yes, it’s...