Environment & Sustainability

A women charges an electric sedan.

Macri Bill Proposes Banning New Fossil Fuel Cars in 2030

All new cars sold in Washington in 2030 or thereafter would be electric if House Bill 1204 or senate companion bill Senate Bill 5256...

Meetup Video: December 2020 with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

https://youtu.be/cDm218xvp00 If you missed out on our December meetup, you can rewatch it here. We had Representative Joe Fitzgibbon join as a special guest speaker...

Seattle Advances Energy Code Updates Aimed at Curbing Carbon Emissions

Seattle is looking to significantly cut the environmental impact of its new commercial and residential buildings with the adoption of the 2018 Seattle Energy...

Garbage Diagrams Only Tell Half of the Story

Let's try to build a picture of King County’s waste issues.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on an article about...

The Top 10 Street Ends of West Seattle

Since Seattle is bounded and divided by numerous fresh and salt bodies of water, the city has what are colloquially known as Street Ends:...
A birds eye view of Downtown Seattle from the south with the I-5 and I-90 spaghetti interchange dominating the frame.

It’s a Car Car World–We Just Live in It

The car is an amazing machine. So amazing, that with a little help from cheap portable fuel and a flood of public investment in...

Saldaña’s Evergreen Plan Advances Climate Action and Mobility Justice

In Washington state, our leaders like to talk about environmental protection and climate action. And then it comes time to pass a transportation funding...

Sunday Video: Why The American West Is Fighting For Water Protections

https://youtu.be/ArffMWtdu-s Vox highlights how water systems work and how they are threatened by the Trump Administration’s “Dirty Water Rule” that allows for pollution of waterways...