Monday, 21 September, 2020

Tag: Issaquah

Issaquah Updates Its Central District Visions

As the part of the Central Issaquah development moratorium, the city is refreshing the district visions established in the original Central Issaquah Plan (CIP)...

Issaquah Olde Town Plan Updates

On Thursday (April 27th), there will public hearing for public testimony on the proposed Issaquah Old Town Subarea Plan, which kicks off at 6.30pm....

Issaquah Extends Moratorium On Development

The Issaquah City Council extended its development moratorium for Central Issaquah by an additional six months. This would put the moratorium out as far...

Issaquah TDR Deal Recommended For Denial, Perhaps For The Better

On January 18th, the Issaquah Land & Shore Committee recommended denial for a major modification request to the Issaquah Highlands development agreement, citing lack...