If you’re not doing anything on Sunday afternoon, you could help make Seattle a safer place for cyclist and pedestrians, help improve access to lake union and participate in a nice bicycle ride all at the same time.

The Cascade Bicycle Club is holding a policy ride on Sunday, January 26th to show support for improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Westlake. In case you missed the background on this project, the city has fully funded and plans to implement improved facilities along Westlake for cyclists and pedestrians. Even though it would not prevent the project on Westlake, a few people are attempting to delay the city’s bicycle master plan over fear that the Westlake project will result in fewer parking spaces. You can read more about this over at the Seattle Bike Blog here and here.

Sunday, January 26, 2:00-3:00 p.m.
Meet at the Fremont PCC Market
Ride ends at RE:PUBLIC, a restaurant & bar

Find out more or RSVP here.

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Owen Pickford holding a beer, wearing a Sounders shirt in front of a bridge, river and large towers in Tokyo.
Owen Pickford

Owen is a solutions engineer for a software company. He has an amateur interest in urban policy, focusing on housing. His primary mode is a bicycle but isn't ashamed of riding down the hill and taking the bus back up. Feel free to tweet at him: @pickovven.