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A four-story historic brick apartment building with a blossoming tree out front.

More than Zoning Reform: Home in Tacoma and the Prospect of Real Change

Zoning has created urban forms that are expensive, exclusionary, and unsafe — Tacoma’s attempt to reform zoning stands to create more livable and complete neighborhoods by tackling the many secondary effects of zoning.

Morales’ Equitable Housing Incentive Bill Faces Pushback Over Trees, Scale

Councilmember Tammy Morales' "Connected Communities" pilot program faced a gauntlet of questions and concerns from her new colleagues. Tree activists fretted over depleting canopy. Nonetheless, Morales hopes to pass the bill in March.

What’s in the Transit-Oriented Development Bill the WA House Just Passed

Last week, the Washington House passed HB 2160, which has the potential to open up significant areas around transit for new homes. Hurdles remain to win passage in the Senate, including objections to the bill's requirement that 10% of new units be affordable.

Tacoma’s Grand Rezoning Plan Comes into View

If implemented, the new framework would make many of the types of buildings that already exist in abundance in Tacoma neighborhoods like Stadium and Proctor legal again to build across the city, with costly parking requirements in place reduced around current and planned transit.

Bellevue’s Safe Lot for Unhoused to Open After Long Delay

Bellevue has moved one step closer towards having its first "safe parking" facility open for residents experiencing homelessness. The program will use city-owned property to provide bathrooms, showers, a kitchen, and case management services for unhoused residents living in their vehicles.

Redmond Swoops In To Save Kenmore’s Cancelled Low-Income Housing Project

After Kenmore backed out of the project, the Redmond City Council approved moving forward with a land transfer that will allow Plymouth Housing to construct 100 units of permanent supportive housing on a city-owned downtown parcel.
State representatives stand at their desks and raise their right hand to take an oath to start the 2023 session.

Rent Stabilization Backers Aim to Beat Deadline to Keep Bill Alive

Time is running out to pass rent stabilization in the state house or miss a key bill cutoff, putting off rent relief for another year. Supporters are rallying support in a last ditch effort.

Sunday Video: Could Toronto’s Kensington Market Be A Solution to Gentrification?

Uytae Lee of About Here highlights Kensington Market, a very diverse district in Toronto steeped in history. It’s increasingly become a popular area of...