A five-story apartment building in Issaquah at 1118 7th Ave NW/1036 7th Ave NW/600 NW Locust St.

King County Scrambling to Distribute Rent Assistance as Eviction Crisis Looms

King County officials are scrambling to distribute $145 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to tenants and are far behind schedule. Those...
A photograph showing the skyline Downtown Seattle's tall buildings at sunset as viewed from Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

Dramatic Changes Demand New Priorities, Says Seattle Planning Commission

According to the advisory board, stakes are high for what may be the "most consequential" update to Seattle's comprehensive plan to date. Back in...

Sunday Video: How The US Made Affordable Homes Illegal

https://youtu.be/0Flsg_mzG-M Vox digs deep into why American housing is so expensive, which runs the gamut from exclusionary zoning practices to a history of redlining.
A photograph showing participants holding colorful signs at a press event. The signs carry messages such as "sweeps cause harm" and "sweeps bring no compassion"

Judge Strikes ‘Compassion Seattle’ City Charter Amendment from November Ballot – Update

Update (August 31, 2021): The Compassion Seattle campaign has filed an emergency motion with the Washington Court of Appeals and is seeking a stay...
Image: A six story building with retail on the first level and pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Social Housing Push Gaining Support as Housing Prices Skyrocket

Policymakers get ahead of themselves sometimes, especially when it comes to the complicated world of housing policy. How often do we stop and ask...

Apartment Production Declines toward a 5-Year Low in Seattle Metro

The numbers come from a new national report, but data from the City of Seattle also indicates a sustained decrease in housing production. According...

Compassion Seattle Fires Back as Charter Amendment Faces Second Lawsuit

Seattle voters wait for a judicial decision that will determine if the controversial city charter amendment critics call an unfunded mandate masquerading as a...
A view of a tiny house creation with a front porch from LiteHouse Shelters.

New Designs Expand Possibilities for Tiny Houses as Emergency Shelter

As the homelessness crisis deepens its impact across the U.S., Washington State designers are improving tiny house designs with the goal of bringing more...