Backyard cottage with woman in patio and sunset.

Snohomish County Liberalizes Backyard Cottage and Basement Apartment Rules

Snohomish County's long-awaited reform of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) has finally come to pass. Yesterday, the Snohomish County Council voted unanimously to pass a...

Northgate’s Construction Spree Is Just Starting

In the past two decades, development in and around Northgate has, for the most part, been a bit sleepy. Every few years a new...

Tacoma Issues Housing Permits Three Times Faster than Seattle, Builders Report

Seattle has been taking the lion's share of the region's housing growth for the last decade, but developers are starting to look to Tacoma...

Seattle Council Passes Eviction Defense Package

Yesterday, the Seattle City Council passed three bills extending protections for tenants facing the threat of eviction. They also voted unanimously to send a...

JumpStart Prevails, Court Dismisses Chamber Lawsuit

Corporations hoping to derail Seattle's JumpStart progressive payroll tax were thwarted in a court ruling released Friday. King County Superior Court Judge Mary Roberts ruled in...

Sunday Video: The Dark Legacy of This Iconic Baseball Stadium

https://youtu.be/DxJuuWUzQzI In Los Angeles, the history behind Dodger Stadium is marred by forced displacement of Latinos in several neighborhoods. The initial displacement was for government-funded...
Harrell wears a blazer and gestures toward tents in the background.

Durkan and Harrell Pressure Seattle Public Schools to Remove Homeless Encampments

Former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell held a mayoral campaign event Friday in front of a homeless camp on a playfield at Broadview-Thomson...

New Round of Studies Underscore Benefits of Building More Housing

Recently, a flurry of studies about the effects of new housing supply has emerged. They rebuff skeptics, who argue against building more housing. In...