Seattle councilmembers are seeking to amend the $1.55 billion transportation levy proposal in a number of ways, including boosting sidewalk repair funds, closing a few gaps in protected bike routes, and further revamping the Ballard Avenue cafe street. Council will discuss amendments Tuesday in committee.

Sunday Video: How To Retrofit Stroads in the Suburbs

America's suburbs are a land filled with stroads. Some communities want more walkability and bikeability, but making changes to stroads can be...

Op-Ed: Key Takeaways from Seattle Greenways’ Building Great Streets Event

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways hosted a Town Hall Seattle event on building great streets featuring two leading practitioners. Check out the video and synopsis.

Sounder’s South Line Could Get Frequency Boost Sooner in Program Reset

South Sounder riders could see more midday and weekday trips under a program reset. Sound Transit staff are recommending postponing pre-pandemic priorities for longer platforms and trains and accelerating investments in more trips and extended span of service.

Seattle May Punt Third Avenue Transit Mall Extension After World Cup

Bus priority on Downtown Seattle's Third Ave transit mall doesn't currently extend north of Stewart Street though most of its bus routes do. A project to add more transit priority is at risk of being delayed again.

Seattle Mayor’s Office Was Behind Reduced Bicycle Weekends Schedule

After initially announcing an expanded schedule for Bicycle Weekends, Seattle Parks walked it back. Internal emails reveal why.

Seattle Gears Up to Launch Madison’s RapidRide G on September 14

Ten years in the making, Seattle's most robust bus rapid transit line ever will start running this fall between Downtown Seattle and Madison Valley.

County’s Plan for Redeveloping Downtown Campus Still Shrouded in Mystery

King County Executive Dow Constantine continues to tease development plans for the County's large campus in South Downtown, but few firm details have emerged.

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The LGBTQ parade takes over Broadway in front of the Olmstead bar patio.

Join Us Wednesday at Ride Transit Month Social at Olmstead

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, June 5th from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Olmstead in Capitol Hill for a party to kick off Ride Transit Month.
An Urbanist banner standing in a corner of a brewery with a few dozen people gathered chatting.

Join The Urbanist for Our Monthly Meetup on May 16

The Urbanist's monthly meetup is 5:30pm Thursday at Stoup Capitol Hill. This month's event is part of Affordable Housing Week.

King County Consortium to Kick Off Affordable Housing Week on Monday

Check out an event in a packed calendar of Affordable Housing Week events running the gambit from a keynote kickoff Monday to building tours to The Urbanist's social hour Thursday.

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Construction Starts on Wilburton Trestle, a Centerpiece of the Eastrail

Last week, King County celebrated the start of construction on a $37 million project to upgrade Bellevue's Wilburton Trestle and create one of the most pivotal and scenic spans of the Eastrail. The Eastside walking and biking trail will ultimately stretch 42 miles between Renton and Woodinville.
The spring district light rail station with public art

An Urbanist Guide to Things To Do in Bellevue’s BelRed

BelRed combines a nascent South Lake Union, SoDo, and the International District. Spring District Station has a South Lake Union feel with tech offices emerging from a large light industrial presence. Both have some hidden gems.

East Link TOD: Three Bellevue Stations Sitting Out the Development Wave

East Main, South Bellevue, and Wilburton Station are the clear laggards along the 2 Line where development activity has been sparse. A pending zoning update offers a lot of hope for Wilburton, a little for East Main, and none for South Bellevue.

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Will Seattle Embrace Multiplexes in Single Family Zones Despite Weak Proposal?

Seattle needs to allow more housing in today's single family zones if it's serious about its housing crisis. Strict multiplex size restrictions need to go from the Mayor's growth plan.
Eleven people hold a ribbon outside a housing project.

Op-Ed: Boost Seattle’s Growth Plan to Solve the Housing Crisis

The path forward is clear: a revised and ambitious Comprehensive Plan that should reform zoning rules and housing policies to allow more homes of all shapes and sizes; and incentivize affordable housing and homeownership.

Urbanists Rally to Sway Seattle Growth Plan

Comment on the draft Seattle Comprehensive Plan by May 20. Housing advocates have urged the City to adopt the "Housing Abundance Map" rather than keep exclusionary zoning.

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Land Use/Housing

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Urbanist Publisher Doug Trumm Discusses Transportation Levy on Hacks & Wonks...

The Urbanist’s Publisher Doug Trumm was recently on Crystal Fincher's Hacks and Wonks podcast to discuss the Seattle transportation levy proposal, which came in well short of where safe streets advocates were pushing the mayor to go. The episode is a good primer on the levy debate.
Photo of Rian Watt wearing a t-shirt from the National Civil Rights museum and an unbuttoned button down shirt. He is smiling slightly.

Urbanist Leader Rian Watt Talks Housing Crisis on Hacks & Wonks...

The Urbanist's Executive Director Rian Watt appeared on Crystal Fincher's Hacks and Wonks podcast on April 9 to talk about the housing crisis. He offered three fixes for the Seattle Comprehensive Plan.
A view of a sunset over a lake with a pier in it.

The Urbanist Podcast: Vote Up to the End

It's time to vote for Seattle City Council, a housing levy, and elected positions all over King County. The Urbanist has published its general...

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