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Advocates Push to Close Half-Mile Gap in Interurban Trail

For decades, the Interurban Trail in North King County and in Snohomish County have been disconnected, with a state highway between them. There's new momentum to change that.

Sunday Video: Are American Suburbs Still Getting Less Walkable?

For decades, America's road networks have become increasingly less gridded and connected, degrading the ability to walk and bike in communities. That's been the...

Sound Transit Adds Lynnwood Link to System Diagrams, Anticipating August Opening 

Sound Transit is rolling out new system diagrams on trains that show the next round of light rail extensions including Lynnwood Link. The diagrams implement a station numbering system and a name change for Symphony Station.

Social Housing Backers Declare Victory in I-137 Signature-Gathering Campaign

By this winter, Seattle voters will have before them the question of whether to fund the city's new social housing developer with a tax on the highest compensated employees in the city. To make it happen, House Our Neighbors gathered more than 38,000 signatures in support of Initiative 137.

Transportation Advocate Saunatina Sanchez Mounts Seattle Council Bid

Transportation and housing organizer Saunatina Sanchez is making a case that her background in community makes her the best choice for the Seattle City Council seat currently held by Tanya Woo.

Holiday Video: America’s Most Dynamic Cities

Some people like consistency and little change, but others like vitality, energy, and dynamism. Ray Delahanty of CityNerd dives into a top 10 list...

Seattle City Council Rejects Bid for Larger Transportation Levy

The transportation levy on Seattle ballots this fall won't grow beyond $1.55 billion, despite a push by transportation advocacy groups to go bigger. A Morales-backed amendment to increase the levy's size failed Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Seattle City Attorney Is Dropping the Ball on Drunk Driving Prosecution

Since Ann Davison took over as Seattle City Attorney, the office has been much slower in prosecuting drunk drivers. While her office blames the state toxicology lab, it appears her office is not making DUI cases a priority.