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Why Are Seattle Democracy Voucher Users Funding Opposing Campaigns?

Seattle’s unique Democracy Voucher program provides registered voters with four $25 vouchers to donate to eligible candidates. The program has successfully flooded city elections...
Colleen Echohawk with a colorful mural in the background showing an indigenous with a handprint over her lips.

Colleen Echohawk Focuses on Housing the Homeless in Seattle Mayoral Run

Colleen Echohawk thought long and hard about running for mayor.  The executive director of the Chief Seattle Club — a services organization in Pioneer Square...
Farrell smiles with a brick background.

Jessyn Farrell Declares for Mayor, Promising Housing Push and Universal Childcare

Jessyn Farrell joined an increasingly crowded Seattle Mayoral race on Thursday, and she came out swinging. “If you feel really great about how things...
Bruce Harrell sits at a desk signing some orders at City Hall with a dozen supporters looking on.

Bruce Harrell Stakes Claim to Center Lane in Seattle Mayor Bid

Former City Councilmember Bruce Harrell announced his bid for Mayor of Seattle today. While light on policy specifics, the themes Harrell stressed included decreasing...

Vital Growth Management Bills Move to the Senate

Washington Can't Wait Week of Action is March 15th-19th. It’s the third quarter of the Washington Legislative session. The body’s major (self-imposed) hurdle has been...
Brianna Thomas portrait. She wears glasses and a pearl necklace.

Brianna Thomas Lays Out Council Platform Centered on Criminal Justice Overhaul and Equitable Economic...

Brianna Thomas is running for Seattle City Council Position 9, a citywide seat that her boss, Council President M. Lorena González, now holds but...

Sunday Video: Secretary Pete Talks Transportation with CityLab

https://youtu.be/aiX2n4DVLZI Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stopped by Bloomberg CityLab's 2021 conference to talk about the Biden administration's outlook on transportation and priorities.
Mayor Durkan with Ferris wheel and Seattle waterfront in background

Durkan Is Botching Homelessness Policy and Blaming Journalists for the News

“My constituents are mad. All of Seattle is mad, and to be honest, I’m mad too," Councilmember Tammy Morales said in a statement Friday....