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Parkgoes sit on the ampitheater at Bellevue's Downtown park with skyscrapers in the background.

Bellevue Faces a Crossroads: Embrace Progressivism or Conservative Entrenchment

Three Bellevue City Council seats are up for election this year and voters face a stark choice. Electing progressive challengers Ruth Lipscomb and Dexter...
A photo of a modern grey and red building with three flags in front of it.

Unprecedented Special Interest Money Floods Bellevue Election

A disturbing trend in an already business-friendly city. We all want our votes to mean something in the city we love. Passionate residents make size-limited donations...

Elect a Broadband Champion to Seattle Mayor

Vote for González! We will never return to the world as it existed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last year and a half, Seattle...

Lake Forest Park Ballot Measure Would Increase Park Access and Fund Safer Streets

While Shoreline's park bond measure did not make it to the November ballot, neighboring Lake Forest Park's ballot contains a measure to increase funding...

Seattle Budget Amendments Advance Design Review Reform and Comp Plan Outreach

The Seattle City Council has prepared more than 200 amendments to Mayor Jenny Durkan's 2022 budget proposal. Among them are amendments that would initiate...
"Trash, tents and needles in our parks and playgrounds. We can help the homeless *and* have our parks back. Vote Bruce for Mayor," read the top line of the mailer. Next to a head shot of Bruce Harrell a quote is included: "Fore me, the status quo is completely unacceptable. I don't want anyone to have to live in a tent or in their car."

Disingenuous vs. Bad Faith: Arguments and the Way We Receive Them

Recently, I got called out in a discussion where I labeled something a “bad faith” argument. We were talking about the last Seattle City...

Everett Takes Stock of Findings on a Possible Transit Merger, Charts Next Steps

A merger of Everett Transit with Community Transit that would significantly increase transit service in the region may still have legs. Everett policymakers have...
A photo shows a man with greying black hair and mustache on the left side of the screen and a woman with shoulder length black hair and a red shirt beneath jacket on the right side of the stage.

NPI Poll Finds Uphill Fight for Progressives in Seattle General Election

A poll completed by Change Research for the Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI) indicates plenty of reasons why supporters of progressive candidates in Seattle's general...