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Meetup Video: December 2020 with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

https://youtu.be/cDm218xvp00 If you missed out on our December meetup, you can rewatch it here. We had Representative Joe Fitzgibbon join as a special guest speaker...
Three construction workers in Sound Transit vests walk a construction site with crane overhead.

Seattle Subway-Backed HB 1304 Gets First Hearing February 9th

Rapid transit help could be on the way for Seattle. House Bill 1304, a bill to enable local rapid transit funding, has its first...
A large construction project near a roundabout in Tacoma.

Housing and Land Use Bills to Watch at the State Legislature

Housing and land use issues remain a legislative focal point, even with the Covid pandemic and recession drawing much of the attention and energy...
Washington state outline with ethernet cables

Op-Ed: Washington Needs Internet for All

Last week, Representative Drew Hansen (D-Bainbridge Island) filed House Bill 1336. This bill should be celebrated widely and has the potential to upend the internet monopolies in Washington State. We have...

Laughably Awful Pedersen Op-Ed Justifies Printing Out Seattle Times

Paper is compostable. Bad opinions are not. Oh, for an easier assignment than to address the flubs and follies of Councilmember Alex Pedersen’s Seattle Times...

Sound Transit 3 Program Realignment Begins at Board Workshop

On Thursday, the Sound Transit Board began the Sound Transit 3 program realignment process with a workshop that centered on a briefing by agency...
Photo of Andrew Grant Houston looking glum.

Andrew Grant Houston is Running for Mayor of Seattle on a Bold Urbanist Platform

In an announcement video released last week, Andrew Grant Houston introduced himself as a “queer Black and Latino architect.” He is a regular fixture...
270toWin's House projection map showed likely Democrat, Republican, and tossup seats ahead of the 2020 election.

Congressional Redistricting Should Tilt a Bit More Power Toward Urban Areas

On Monday, I looked at what redistricting will mean for the Washington state legislature. Redistricting will also have a big effect on U.S. House...