Land Use & Development

Seattle Has the Space

Seattle is in a housing crisis, not a land crisis. We have plenty of land in this city. So much land we have the...
A light rail guideway rises on the edge of a freeway trench at the 130th Street overpass.

Draft Plan Inches Toward Modest Upzones around 130th and 148th Street Link Stations

Urbanists have been hoping that arrival of light rail to North Seattle would transform single-family sprawl oriented around I-5 and a 160-acre publicly-owned golf...
A new triangular shaped six-story apartment building at dusk.

Shoreline Apartment Boom Picks Up Along RapidRide E, Still in Infancy Near Light Rail

Outside its light rail station areas, Shoreline has seen a noticeable bump in apartment planning, permitting, and construction in the past few years. Upwards...
The three story brick labor temple with teal accents. A Belltown skyscraper is in the background.

Unions Head South but Negotiate Plan to Preserve the Labor Temple Building

Among the victims of 2020 is the Seattle Labor Temple, which the association of unions that manages the building put up for sale last...
Photo of a single-story duplex in Wallingford, with three-story townhomes behind it.

The Historic Preservation We Need: Four Floors and Corner Stores

We cannot escape the echoes of history. I live in and own a house in a formerly redlined section of Wallingford. This house was...

Midweek Video: Will Electric Cars Kill the Gas Station?

0 Davos Amos looks at what the proliferation of electric cars means for fueling stations in the years ahead. Will they die away? Will they...
Illustration of low scale and mid scale housing, showing some 4-story buildings next to single family.

Home in Tacoma Project Chugs toward Citywide Zoning Overhaul

Tacoma has embarked on a sweeping plan to reform residential zoning in the city. The Home in Tacoma project could transform single-family and multifamily...

Vital Growth Management Bills Move to the Senate

Washington Can't Wait Week of Action is March 15th-19th. It’s the third quarter of the Washington Legislative session. The body’s major (self-imposed) hurdle has been...