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Land Use

A architectural rendering shows midrise housing, ground floor makers spaces, pedestrian improvements, and a green street on 5th Avenue S.

Seattle Council Greenlights Upzone for Georgetown Live/Work District

The zoning changes could spur construction of up to 1,000 homes, many of them affordable, as part of a new makers district along 4th Avenue S in Georgetown.

Will Seattle Embrace Multiplexes in Single Family Zones Despite Weak Proposal?

Seattle needs to allow more housing in today's single family zones if it's serious about its housing crisis. Strict multiplex size restrictions need to go from the Mayor's growth plan.

East Link TOD: Three Bellevue Stations Sitting Out the Development Wave

East Main, South Bellevue, and Wilburton Station are the clear laggards along the 2 Line where development activity has been sparse. A pending zoning update offers a lot of hope for Wilburton, a little for East Main, and none for South Bellevue.
A box of carrots and other produce with rows of plantings in the background.

Urbanism 101: How Urban Agriculture Can Boost Food Security

Producing food locally boosts food security and self-sufficiency, especially in urban areas. Beacon Food Forest and Tilth Alliance are advancing urban agriculture in Seattle, joining an international trend.

Urbanists Rally to Sway Seattle Growth Plan

Comment on the draft Seattle Comprehensive Plan by May 20. Housing advocates have urged the City to adopt the "Housing Abundance Map" rather than keep exclusionary zoning.
I-5 and the Seattle Skyline at sunset looking down Yesler Way to Elliott Bay with Smith Tower peeking out on the left and the car-clogged I-5 trench on the right.

Why Climate Advocates Should Be Urbanists

Land use policy is a powerful tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. So why isn’t it a bigger part of the policy debate? This four-part 'Land Use and Climate Change' series explores that question.
a new seven story apartment building and a side street

Seattle Council Rejects Morales’ Affordable Housing Bill

After her bill failed Tuesday, Councilmember Morales said: "My Connected Communities legislation would have produced more affordable housing, commercial affordability, and anti-displacement measures right now. I’m incredibly disappointed in its failure to pass today."

Op-Ed: Building the Seattle We Want with the Growth We’ll Have

Seattle's proposed 20-year growth strategy could certainly use improvement. Here are suggestions to promote housing abundance, fight exclusion, and curb climate pollution.