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Land Use

Tacoma’s Grand Rezoning Plan Comes into View

If implemented, the new framework would make many of the types of buildings that already exist in abundance in Tacoma neighborhoods like Stadium and Proctor legal again to build across the city, with costly parking requirements in place reduced around current and planned transit.

Sunday Video: Could Toronto’s Kensington Market Be A Solution to Gentrification?

Uytae Lee of About Here highlights Kensington Market, a very diverse district in Toronto steeped in history. It’s increasingly become a popular area of...
A canopy shelters the Bellevue Transit Center with downtown office towers in the background.

Bellevue Unveils Bold Growth Strategy for 152,000 Additional Homes

Through a mix of highrise, midrise, and missing middle housing, Bellevue's new comprehensive plan would provide capacity for an extra 152,000 homes and 185,000 jobs, potentially allowing the city's population to more than double over the next 20 years.

State Improves Model Code to Promote Middle Housing

The state responded to feedback from urbanists and homebuilders by finetuning its draft model code for missing middle housing to be more generous around lot coverage, floor area ratio, setbacks, and design standards.

The Little-Known Election Urbanists Should Vote in Right Now

One of the most urbanist local elections is taking place right now and most voters have no idea. King Conservation District Supervisor Brittney Bush Bollay explains what their organization does and what's at stake in this February election.

The Numbers That Make Your City

Misunderstanding the size of an acre, floor area ratio, and the area of a circle ruins many conversations about the basic shape of where you live.
Mayor Harrell smiles in a gray suit outside a brick storefront.

Seattle Risks Missing 2024 Comprehensive Plan Deadline with Continued Delays

The draft plan still isn't out, which is worrying housing advocates. But success is still within reach. Last year, the City of Seattle had planned...

Sunday Video: Allowing Cars In Our Most Walkable Places Is Bonkers

Ray Delahanty of CityNerd came home for the holidays and revisited Pike Place Market. In doing so, he highlighted what makes the market so...