Land Use & Development

A photo of amphitheater style seating in a park with people sitting in the grass and tall modern buildings in the backdrop.

Improving Bellevue’s Grand Connection: Part 2 – Downtown Park to Bellevue Transit Center

This article is the second in a series that takes a deep dive into Bellevue's Grand Connection, an ambitious project to improve the pedestrian...
Rendering of five glassy towers, viewed from above, and lit up among a darkened city.

ULI’s Fall 2021 Meeting Predicts the Future of Cities

(From a certain point of view) The Urban Land Institute, the world's largest network of real estate and land use experts, held its fall meeting...

Midweek Video: The Surprising Way Small Towns Are Disappearing

0 Dave Amos discusses small towns in America and the surprising way many are disappearing.

Sunday Video: How America’s Hottest City Is Trying to Cool Down

0 Vox looks at Phoenix, a very hot city, to see the challenges it faces in cooling it down from extreme heat. The city wants...

As Developer Stalls, Affordable Talaris Offers Greener Vision

One year into master plan and environmental review, the real activity is among volunteers offering a new direction for the Talaris site in Northeast...
A photo of townhouses with lush shrubs and trees.

Council Renames Single-Family Zoning, Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms, and Clears Way for Storm Practice Facility...

The Seattle City Council took the first step toward reforming single-family zoning on Monday by renaming it "Neighborhood Residential" in a unanimous vote. In...
Brooklyn Avenue looking north with UW Tower on the left and a new 24-story tower rising behind the Graduate Hotel.

U District Is a Hive of Construction Activity as Light Rail Arrives

Northgate Link, which just opened as of today, has already transformed the neighborhoods surrounding the three stations on the extension. Northgate Station still does...
A photo shows a road with a bike lane.

Catch Up on Development in the Roosevelt Station Area

When we last covered new development coming to the Roosevelt Station area, the Link light rail Northgate extension was still over two years away...