Washington Can’t (and Doesn’t Have to) Wait!

For years, Washington failed to fully address climate change, rising housing insecurity, and the impacts of decades of environmental injustice. This summer, wildfires coupled...
Residential towers and tree-lined streets with haze on the horizon.

Every City Already Has Solutions for Climate Change

We’re seeing homes and lives being destroyed as over 5 million acres burn between Northern California and Oregon by deadly wildfires. At the same...

Op-Ed: Why You Should Comment On Community Transit’s Transit Development Plan

If you ride Community Transit, please commit to comment on the Snohomish County-based agency's Transit Development Plan (TDP ). Hours of transit agency staff...
Moss covered old growth cedars with a bed of ferns below

Open Letter: Seattle’s Climate Note Legislation Is a Misguided Distraction

Dear Councilmembers, My name is Andrew Grant Houston and I am a queer architect of color, urban designer, housing activist, and serve as a board...
Sockeye salmon spawning in the Adams River. (Photo by Pixabay)

Rebecca Parson: Let’s Breach Lower Snake River Dams to Save Salmon Runs

The issue of salmon run restoration provides a sharp contrast between challenger Rebecca Parson and incumbent Congressman Derek Kilmer in District 6. The birds are...

The West Seattle Freeway Should Not Be Rebuilt

Removing the West Seattle Bridge and not replacing the lost car capacity is the most responsible move for the climate and being prudent with...