Five women wearing face masks raise their arms triumphantly in the air. They are standing outside with a blue sky behind them.

9 Steps for Addressing Seattle’s Homelessness Crisis

We can take a better approach than what was put forth in the failed "Compassion Seattle" City Charter Amendment. City Charter Amendment 29, posed...
The Richmond Night Market

Regular Night Markets Are a Natural Addition to Seattle

With over a year of Stay Healthy Streets and Café Streets, Seattleites have become accustomed and even approving of the pedestrianization and expanded use...
An Amtrak Cascades trainset with Talgo equipment and Siemens Charger locomotive. (Amtrak Cascades)

Reviving a Rail Revolution: How Washington Can Get Back On Track

Amidst the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, interest in passenger rail has increased markedly across the United States. With an enthusiastically pro-rail federal administration...

The Great Seattle Housing Swap

Imagine if you could partner with a developer to build a multiplex or rowhouse on your property, and, in exchange for the land, you...

Roosevelt Needs a Zoning Refresh

With an overly limited urban village around its light rail station, Roosevelt could really use an expansion. I moved my family to the edge of...
Artist concept of what a "WSDOT Ferry Style" car shuttle might look like. (Art by Patrick Fesler)

Mountain Ferry on Rails Could Help Fund Stampede Pass Upgrades

A ferry on rails could help electric cars get across the Cascade Mountains without burning up their battery or sitting in traffic. In my previous...

Op-ed: How to Improve Compassion Seattle’s Charter Amendment

Author’s Note: I eventually changed my mind and moved from the ambivalent support you see below to firm opposition. Two reasons were paramount: CA29’s use of...
The new Northgate Station where light rail vehicles are being tested for a fall opening. (Sound Transit)

ST3: How to Get the Best Value Amid a Budget Crunch

With an $11.5 billion funding crunch and cost escalations in the Sound Transit 3 program, it’s clear that some cutbacks and delays may be...