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Passengers deboarding an Amtrak train at Portland's Union Station.

Op-Ed: Washington Needs Bigger Amtrak Cascades Upgrades on a Faster Timeline

WSDOT is mulling boosting Amtrak Cascades service to 16 daily runs, but none of its options tackle the speed and reliability improvements to truly unlock the corridor's potential. A survey open through April 18 is an opportunity to push in that direction.

Heroes and Zeroes of the 2024 Washington State Legislature

Check out our top ten lawmakers who distinguished themselves for good and bad from the 2024 session of the Washington State Legislature.

Op-Ed: Growth Plan Fails to Put Enough Housing for Workers in Seattle

Cloud City Coffee is an anchor in the Maple Leaf business district. Seattle's growth plan isn't what the city needs to allow its employees to live close by.
Three officers standing around a squad car

New Seattle Police Contract Punts on Accountability, Delivers Big 23% Raise

Mayor Harrell's contract would make Seattle police the highest paid in the region, but no more accountable. The long-awaited new proposed contract between the City...

What to Look for in Seattle’s Next Transportation Levy

With a transportation levy going to ballot this fall, advocates want at least 50% of investments to be dedicated toward pedestrian, bike, and transit upgrades. They also want the City to go big, with a levy of at least $1.7 billion, but the Mayor appears set to go smaller.

Seattle Street Ends: South Ship Canal

Eleven "Street Ends" along the south shore of Salmon Bay and the Fremont Cut offer great recreational opportunities. SDOT and volunteers from Friends of Street Ends work to maintain and expand these mini parks.

Op-Ed: Seattle Advocates Rally Against Polluting Cruise Ship Industry as Alaska Season Launches

On Saturday, April 6, as the first cruise ship of the season boards, Seattle Cruise Control and two dozen partner organizations will stage a family-friendly rally at Pier 66 to protest the pollution and exploitative practices of the cruise industry.

Op-Ed: Six Ways to Improve Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan

Suggestions to improve the One Seattle plan include allow bigger buildings, embrace transit-oriented development, and jettison parking requirements. We can create a Seattle that pulls the working class in rather than pushing them out.