A picture of a person on a scooter and e-bike riding past a car with the caption 'tired of waiting in traffic? Lime will get you there.'


Urbanist Publisher Doug Trumm Discusses Transportation Levy on Hacks & Wonks Podcast

The Urbanist’s Publisher Doug Trumm was recently on Crystal Fincher's Hacks and Wonks podcast to discuss the Seattle transportation levy proposal, which came in well short of where safe streets advocates were pushing the mayor to go. The episode is a good primer on the levy debate.
Photo of Rian Watt wearing a t-shirt from the National Civil Rights museum and an unbuttoned button down shirt. He is smiling slightly.

Urbanist Leader Rian Watt Talks Housing Crisis on Hacks & Wonks Podcast

The Urbanist's Executive Director Rian Watt appeared on Crystal Fincher's Hacks and Wonks podcast on April 9 to talk about the housing crisis. He offered three fixes for the Seattle Comprehensive Plan.
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The Urbanist Podcast: Vote Up to the End

It's time to vote for Seattle City Council, a housing levy, and elected positions all over King County. The Urbanist has published its general...

Guest Podcast: Recycling America’s Railroads into Trails

The Urbanist Podcast is on summer break so we thought we'd share with you a guest podcast on a topic near and dear to...
A photo of King County ballot drop box on a sunny day.

The Urbanist Podcast: All About 2023 Primary Endorsements

Primary election ballots are arriving in the mail and due by August 1st. In the run up The Urbanist Elections Committee has been hard...

The Urbanist Podcast: Summer in the City 2023

Summer is (finally) here for families with kids in Seattle Public Schools! In this episode, hosts Ray Dubicki and Natalie Argerious reflect on how...
Green grass with seed fronds with barbs at the end.

The Urbanist Podcast: Grass Lawns and Foxtail’s Deadly Danger to Dogs

Summertime gets us thinking about a whole bunch of stuff, including grass. In cities across North America, grass yards are often a symbol of...
High speed train models like this were on display at the Cascadia Rail Summit. (Credit: Doug Trumm)

The Urbanist Podcast: UW Looks at Getting Cascadia High Speed Rail

Cascadia is uniquely set up as a region that would support high-speed rail. Between the linear arrangement of Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC, and...