The Urbanist’s Publisher Doug Trumm was recently on the Hacks and Wonks podcast with host Crystal Fincher. a political consultant who also serves on The Urbanist’s board. Trumm discussed Mayor Bruce Harrell’s Seattle transportation levy proposal, which came in well short of where safe streets advocates were pushing him to go. The episode is a good primer on the levy debate, which The Urbanist has covered thoroughly.

The mayor’s eight-year levy proposal initially came in at $1.35 billion, but he recently upped the total by $100 million. Mobility advocates partnered with Northwest Progressive Institute to poll Seattle voters about whether they preferred a larger levy that funded more sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit improvements. The answer was a resounding yes.

Since the episode aired, The Urbanist’s Ryan Packer revealed that the Mayor’s proposal adds up to just 10 new miles of protected bike lanes — the last levy pledged 50 miles. The proposal’s transit goals are also less ambitious. Meanwhile, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has said that their project delivery has ramped up and is sharper than ever. Just the time for some ambition, perhaps?

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