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Move Seattle

Seattle Levy Oversight Committee Pushes for Bigger, Broader Renewal Package

As a $930 million transportation levy winds down, its oversight body has made it clear that a simple renewal this year won't be enough to address Seattle's transportation issues. The group is pushing Mayor Harrell to go big.
It's photo snapping time as the Bainbridge ferry approaches Seattle, offering sweeps shots of the skyline along the shores of Elliott Bay

Announcing The Urbanist’s 2024 Advocacy Agenda

Focused on housing abundance and sustainable transportation, our 2024 advocacy agenda runs the gambit from comprehensive plan updates to transit upgrades and a safety-first Move Seattle Levy renewal.

Mobility Advocates Push Seattle to Seek Bigger $3 Billion Levy

"To put the city on track to meeting its mobility, safety, equity, maintenance, and sustainability goals," the coalition of mobility and climate groups wrote, "Seattle must invest just over $3 billion over the next 8 years" in building 60 miles of dedicated transit corridors, 331 miles of new sidewalks, and 154 miles of new bike facilities, among other goals.

Seattle Transportation Plan Project List Suggests Roadmap for Levy Renewal

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has released a draft project list intended to go along with its mammoth Seattle Transportation Plan, still in...

Finding the Legacy of the Move Seattle Transportation Levy

What comes next when a "transformational" levy didn't transform Seattle streets? On a Monday morning in late August, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Director Greg...

Bus Lanes Largely Missing in Early Concepts for Route 48 Upgrade

Of the seven frequent bus corridors that the 2015 Move Seattle levy pledged to upgrade, Route 48 between the University District and Mount Baker...
Street sign reading SODO Trail

SDOT Proposes Assembling Funds to Get Closer to Move Seattle Levy’s Multimodal Promises

When voters approved Seattle's nine-year transportation levy in 2015, they were choosing whether the city should invest in a very specific list of transportation...

2021 Budget Takes Another Bite Out of RapidRide Program

Back in 2018, we reported that Mayor Durkan's "Move Seattle Reset" had cut Route 40, Route 44, and Route 48 from RapidRide plans, instead...