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One Seattle Comprehensive Plan

The intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Othello Street.

Single Family Zones Are Biggest Culprits in Displacement of Black Seattleites

Seattle's single family areas have seen their Black population plummet by 9,126 since 1990. Meanwhile, "urban village" neighborhood have added more than 8,000 Black residents in that span. Why then is low-density zoning expected to blunt displacement?

Will Seattle Embrace Multiplexes in Single Family Zones Despite Weak Proposal?

Seattle needs to allow more housing in today's single family zones if it's serious about its housing crisis. Strict multiplex size restrictions need to go from the Mayor's growth plan.
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Op-Ed: Boost Seattle’s Growth Plan to Solve the Housing Crisis

The path forward is clear: a revised and ambitious Comprehensive Plan that should reform zoning rules and housing policies to allow more homes of all shapes and sizes; and incentivize affordable housing and homeownership.

Urbanists Rally to Sway Seattle Growth Plan

Comment on the draft Seattle Comprehensive Plan by May 20. Housing advocates have urged the City to adopt the "Housing Abundance Map" rather than keep exclusionary zoning.

Op-Ed: Building the Seattle We Want with the Growth We’ll Have

Seattle's proposed 20-year growth strategy could certainly use improvement. Here are suggestions to promote housing abundance, fight exclusion, and curb climate pollution.
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Planners Proposed Bigger Upzones Before Harrell’s Team Intervened, Records Show

A paper trail from fall 2023 shows that Mayor Harrell's office overruled his planning department and cut transit corridor upzones and halved the number of proposed "neighborhood centers" before release of the growth strategy.
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Urbanist Leader Rian Watt Talks Housing Crisis on Hacks & Wonks Podcast

The Urbanist's Executive Director Rian Watt appeared on Crystal Fincher's Hacks and Wonks podcast on April 9 to talk about the housing crisis. He offered three fixes for the Seattle Comprehensive Plan.

Op-Ed: Growth Plan Fails to Put Enough Housing for Workers in Seattle

Cloud City Coffee is an anchor in the Maple Leaf business district. Seattle's growth plan isn't what the city needs to allow its employees to live close by.