Seattle Gears Up to Launch Madison’s RapidRide G on September 14

Ten years in the making, Seattle's most robust bus rapid transit line ever will start running this fall between Downtown Seattle and Madison Valley.

Stadium District Site Could Be a Bellwether of Downtown Seattle’s Future

The opportunity to redevelop nearly five acres across from Lumen Field is pitting competing interests against each other. Some hope to see housing, but industrial stakeholders are pushing back.

Shoreline Sticks with 175th Street Revamp Despite Pushback Over Trees

A planned overhaul of Shoreline's 175th Street is prompting a call for a reset after complaints over tree removals. City leaders don't appear ready to back off the planned multimodal improvements.

Saka Adds $100 Million to Levy for Sidewalks, Freight, EV Charging

Amending the Mayor's final proposal for a transportation levy, committee chair Rob Saka has revised the proposal by increasing funding for new sidewalks, freight mobility, and electric vehicle charging.

Sound Transit Board Rejects Chamber-Backed SLU Station Alternatives

Today, Sound Transit ruled out late-breaking South Lake Union station alternatives for Ballard Link. Major business lobbied hard for the late "shifted west" additions, but it wasn't enough to win over the board.
An aerial photo shows Tacoma's waterfront separated from its downtown towers by its elevated I-705 freeway.

New Tacoma Waterfront Park Begs for I-705 Freeway Removal

Melanie LaPlant Dressel Park opened on April 11 as a beautiful park far away from the rest of the city. An elevated, wide ribbon of concrete — the roaring I-705 freeway — separates the park from its users. Tacoma should remove this barrier.

Cutting Trail Tunnel Only Saves 1% of SR 520 Budget

WSDOT is set to delete the 10th Avenue E tunnel underpass from Seattle's planned Roanoke Lid despite only saving around 10 to 15 million dollars.
Kattle wears a blue suit and light gray beard and sits on Council dais.

Seattle Police Contract Passes Despite Limited Accountability Measures, Budget Hit

With a 24% raise and backpay, Seattle police officers are collectively earning an extra $96 million in compensation from the City in 2024. City leaders hope to spur hiring, but the contract did little to increase police accountability and blew a bigger hole in the City's quarter-billion-dollar budget deficit.