I-5 lid study area, via The Northwest Urbanist.

Put a lid on it: Scott Bonjukian takes another look at covering I-5 with a lid.

Climate controlled: Dubai has plans for a the world’s first fully climate controlled city.

Bike lanes on 2nd Ave: Protected bike lanes are likely to arrive just in time for the launch of Pronto!

Giant blob: The Jersey Shore’s got a massive blob of algae blooming off its coast.

Federal funding drama: The House and Senate inch closer to solving the transportation fiscal cliff, but they have a ways to go. Of course, all approaches of the feds are less than ideal, but Oregon is a good model for the future.

New BAT lanes: Pike Street quietly gets some new BAT lanes. Hopefully this means faster bus service!

Big old hole: Yeah, you’ve probably seen that big gaping hole in Downtown at 4th Ave and Cherry St, and there’s no guarantee that it’s going away anytime soon. But a land value tax would likely make it develop quickly.

Legal pot: Marijuana is now legal for sale, and it’s quite expensive.

Post-apocalyptic Detroit: The city is on a rebound, and many think it’s time to invest. However, the city could lose some of its precious artwork.

Gentrification segregation: As the US continues to gentrify, it’s largely happens along the lines of education which leads to wealth.

We want it more: Homeless advocates are still trying to acquire the Federal building in Downtown and push the Seattle Public Schools out of consideration.

Sand Point Crossing: Seattle Subway makes the case for a different cross-lake option, this one via Sand Point to Kirkland.

7th Ave bikeway: The Puget Sound Regional Council is recommending federal funding for a 7th Avenue bikeway.

Musical references: People love to sing about New York City, and luckily there’s a map of all the places they’ve sung about in popular music.

Saving Metro: The Seattle City Council is still considering two options to save Metro, and it has until August to do so.

Scared of biking: People are often scared of biking in traffic, but these cities are showing the way to make it safer.

A report card on Denver: Zach over at the Seattle Transit Blog gives a great transit report card on his experience in Denver.

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