Parks DistrictThe first round of results have dropped, and most prominently in tonight’s election returns is the Seattle Metropolitan Park District. Currently, the proposition is passing 52.4%-47.6%. We anticipate that this trend will continue as the remainder of the count is tallied over the coming days. Younger and more progressive, liberal, and urban-inclined voters tend to turn in their ballots later than older and more conservative voters.

Another significant Primary race for Seattle is the challenge from the newcomer Socialist Alternative candidate Jess Spear against incumbent House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43, Wallingford). Spear presented herself as a young, social welfare-minded candidate in the same vain as City Council Member Kshama Sawant. In a nearly identical redux of Sawant’s campaign before council, Spear attempted to knock Chopp out of the Legislature. At this point, it looks unlikely that Chopp will be seriously challenged in the General Election; he leads nearly 80%-20% in the race.

For elections results within the City of Seattle and King County, be sure to visit the King County Elections results page. Legislative District and Congressional races are best viewed from the Secretary of State’s election page as many district boundaries straddle two or more counties.

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