Save Seattle BusesIn case you haven’t heard, there’s a big proposition on the November ballot for Seattle residents called “Proposition 1”. The proposition is a transit-only funding measure bus service within Seattle. While the upcoming September service reductions are already set in stone, the future rounds can be cancelled with funding delivered by the proposition. Seattle faces 45 bus route deletions and revisions.

To aid the proposition’s success, a campaign is under way by Yes for Seattle Transit. The group has organized a campaign kick-off for Wednesday, September 17 (RSVP online). You’ll have the opportunity to talk with local electeds, meet the campaign staff, and learn how you can help spread the “Yes” message to Seattle voters. If you can’t make it, you can always signup to help later or donate to the cause. Be sure to “like” Yes for Seattle Transit on Facebook to get the latest details.

Fadó Irish Pub
801 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA
Wednesday, September 17
5pm to 7pm

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