Community Transit Route 130.
Community Transit Route 130.

Service changes for Community Transit begin today, and in this round, the agency is adding new service hours. New annual services will including 7,500 beginning today with another 25,000 hours slated to be added in 2015. Next year may see the reintroduction of Sunday service, better evening frequencies and later buses, and improved Saturday service. This service change will see a combination of routing changes, frequency improvements, bus stop relocations, and the elimination of one route. In brief, the below are the affected bus lines.

Route changes: Routes 110, 112, 113, 115, 116, 120, 130, 201, 202, 220, 230, and 232.
Bay changes: Routes 112, 113, 115, 116, 120, 130, 410, and 416.

Summary of route changes

Route 110 (Edmonds-Mountlake Terrace) – Eliminated due to low ridership, service hours redeployed to other routes.
Route 112 (Mountlake Terrace-Ash Way P&R) – Sop change for northbound buses at the Lynnwood Transit Center, Bay C4 to C5.
Route 113 (Mukilteo-Lynnwood) – Route is extended from 164th Street via 36th Avenue  to Lynnwood Transit Center, no longer serve Ash Way Park & Ride.
Routes 115 (Mariner P&R-Aurora Village) & 116 (Edmonds-Silver Firs) – Both routes will serve Alderwood Mall Parkway, which means they will no longer serve 36th Avenue and Swamp Creek Park & Ride.
Route 120 (Canyon Park-Edmonds Community College) – The route will be extended to Edmonds Community College from Lynnwood Transit Center, additional trips are added, and bus stop location changes take place at both Lynnwood Transit Center and Edmonds Community College.
Route 130 (Edmonds-Lynnwood) – Mid-day service frequency on weekdays will double from hourly to half-hourly. Stop change at Lynnwood Transit Center from Bay C5 to C4.
Routes 201 & 202 (Smokey Point-Lynnwood) – Combined frequency between Smokey Point Transit Center and Lynnwood Transit Center will be 15 minutes with the addition of 23 new daily roundtrips. Both routes become express via I-5 from Ash Way Park & Ride and Lynnwood Transit Center nor longer serving Alderwood Mall Parkway. A minor jog in limited stop routing occurs in Everett.
Route 220 (Arlington-Smokey Point) – The first and last stop in Arlington is moved from Gilman to Broadway and Burke.
Route 230 (Darrington-Smokey Point) & Route 232 (Darrington-Smokey Point) – Route 232 is deleted and consolidated into Route 230 which will maintain full service between Darrington and Smokey Point. The schedule has be revised significantly due to the consolidation.
Route 240 (Stanwood-Smokey Point) – The Stillaguamish Senior Center will no longer be served the route. The route will be truncated at Smokey Point.
Route 410 (Mariner P&R-Seattle) – Buses will serve Bay 3 at Ash Way Park & Ride during PM trips.
Route 416 (Edmonds-Seattle) – Buses will be moved from Bay 4 to Bay 2 along Railroad Avenue at Edmonds Station.

For full details on the changes, be sure to check out the handy Blue Bus schedule book or online schedule pages for each route.

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