Salmon Bay School by Joe Wolf on Flickr.

No Downtown school: Seattle Public Schools bails out on an opportunity to pick up a Downtown property for a new elementary.

Breaking records: The Fremont Bridge is very likely to see more than 1 million bike trips by Christmas.

The weed: Uncle Ike’s scores a temporary victory while more states legalize marijuana use. Of course, Congress might interfere with DC.

Obscure designs: A worry for the next Guggenheim Museum, could it just be weird? And is that even a bad thing?

Disaster in SFO: What San Francisco might look like if sea levels rise 200 feet.

Charming blocks: A look at New York City’s one-block streets and their charm.

120 square feet: Now this is some creative micro-housing.

It really is bad: A commuter has logged all his Sound Transit 510 trips for 3 years. Turns out traffic is getting a whole lot worse on I-5.

Will it live: Maryland just elected a Republican governor who hates transit, but will he kill the Purple Line and other projects in Maryland?

Minimum wage: It turns out that even in conservative territory, minimum wage increases are incredibly popular.

Transit vote: Free lifts to the polling station on transit doesn’t appear to increase ridership.

No trains Saturday: Light Rail will be shutdown next week, so know your options.

Tons more service: Now that bus service will get a boost in June, what could we end up seeing for future service?

Berlin Wall everywhere: Pieces of the Berlin Wall are everywhere around the globe, and they’re good reminders of the ugly past.

Regeneration: A power plant in Wisconsin will now have new life as a student center.

New condo tower: First Hill will see a new condo tower come to the neighborhood.

Bridges and the city: An exploration of how cities and their bridges interact, it’s a situation of the good, bad, and iconic.

Speed humps: Excessive speeding is cut up to 80%-90% in Seattle where speed humps have been implemented.

Capitol Hill Station: Four developers have submitted their proposals for development, one has dropped out. Plans will be unveiled to the public in December.

Mileage fees: A good case for changing how we charge for driving, the best option is a per mile fee.

Second and Union: A new proposal by Skanska for an office tower at Second and Union dubbed “2&U”

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