Seattle area in smoggy conditions by Dave Ozolin on Flickr.

Tunnel talk: Governor Jay Inslee sits down with Grist to talk Bertha, still supports the projectStreetsblog asks if it’s too late to stop Bertha for good. And, if you’re curious how much has been spent for the project, get it to the penny here!

Transit apps: King County launches a new regional transit app service. OneBusAway is evidently fixed with new improvements.

Linking Tacoma: Tacoma Link will finish up preliminary engineering in 2015 for an extension.

Corkbucks: My old stomping grounds in Cork City, Ireland are getting a Starbucks–you have no idea how big a of deal this is.

A bit more than a penny: Only 2% of the center city curb space is occupied with bike lanes.

New York stations: NY Times looks at how a subway station ended up costing $4 billion, and talks about the loss of Penn Station as the savior of Grand Central.

PPPs: How public private partnerships (PPP) work for some infrastructure projects, but not all. Crosscut separately takes a look at PPPs in Canada.

No highways please: Strong Towns says that we should not build new roads. And, a good review of why highways are inefficient investments in urban areas.

Win for trail advocates: The Feds reject a railroad lawsuit securing Kirkland’s trail system.

Straight talk: Councilmember Paul Roberts for the City of Everett sits down with Seattle Transit Blog to talk transit, land use, and taxing strategies for Snohomish County in a two-part interview (Part 1 and Part 2).

Urban price cut: DC takes a price dip for rentals for the month of November.

Chicagoland: Curious about Chicago architecture? Take a look!

Law breakers: An honest discussion on why bicyclists traffic break laws.

No new bathrooms: Germany has resorted to some interesting land use laws to stop new construction and improvements, perhaps for a good cause.

Cheap layover: A clever kid figured out a way to save you money getting to New York City and beyond by “laying over“.

Free college: The Obama Administration is proposing free community college.

The people decide: Washington residents strongly support a tax on carbon emissions.

Suburban poverty: While cities have struggled with poverty for a long time, the suburbs are becoming overwhelmed rapidly.

Fatherless: The US ranks worst of 38 countries for paternal leave.

Fix a street: SDOT has a wiki page to map improvements for city streets.

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