Seattle's new Councilmember John Okamoto.
Seattle’s new Councilmember John Okamoto.

Quick fix: The Seattle Department of Transportation rolled out some small changes to the Roosevelt Way protected bikes lanes in the University District this week in response to recent collisions.

Not just here: Seattle isn’t the only place with a housing crisis, Greater Greater Washington shares their housing problem in DC in 7 charts.

Not going away: Data points show that the rent will continue to remain too damn high for the foreseeable future as homeownership rates decline swiftly.

New pedestrian zone: 23rd Ave and Union could be the heart of a new pedestrian zone in Seattle, thanks in part to local advocates.

What we knew: Adding to the case for transit, CityLab says that quality transit adds value to local businesses.

Incredibly shaky: The Nepal earthquake caused the city of Kathmandu to move ten whole feet in the wake of the event.

Confessions from the streets: A woman who drives shares her recent experience on city streets where an angry person who bikes confronted her. If only all people who drive were this willing to learn.

Grid it: Even the ancient Mayans preferred the grid system for their cities.

SeaMayDay: A peaceful day of demonstrations by worker’s rights, BlackLivesMatter, and immigration groups turned sour Friday evening in Capitol Hill with “anti-capitalist” youths inciting violence and one man open-carrying a rifle.

Sustaining water: Seattle may have the highest water bills in the nation, but it also has seen a 40% drop in total water usage since the 1980s despite massive growth ($).

Diversity and segregation: Data suggests that America’s most diverse cities are generally their most segregated, too.

Spite house: A different approach to the spite house has been tried in London by painting a house boldly, and apparently it’s illegal, too. Gotta love the colors though!

Australian placemaking: Adelaide has gone from a 9-to-5 city to a very in-demand hotspot by locals and tourists alike by rolling out some inexpensive placemaking.

The new Councilmember: The Seattle City Council pick John Okamoto as an interim Councilmember to fill Sally Clark’s old position.

Going broke: One chart explains the national gas tax’s lack of sustainability, it needs to be fixed for transportation to remain funded.

Expanding the U District BIA: The Seattle City Council voted this week to expand the University District’s business improvement district to clean up streets and make it a better place for residents and businesses alike.

Forced to rebuild history: An English developer knocked down a historic structure in the town of Kilburn, now they’re forced to rebuild it brick by brick.

Getting grilled: Seattle Councilmember Tom Rasmussen recently pitched his idea for “nighborhood conservation districts” to the city’s Planning Commission. Word is the commission grilled him on the proposal.

Building it quick: A 54-story tower in China was built in just 19 days.

Merry Christmas!: Seattle received a whole bunch of Federal transportation dollars, loads of new pedestrian, bike, and transit improvements and studies are planned.

Driving it down: Grist asks just how much density cuts down on driving.

Bike Month is hereSeattle Bike Blog has all the details on upcoming events for Bike Month.

Don’t forget the Eastside: There’s lots of talk about what Seattle should get in a Sound Transit 3 measure, but what about the Eastside?

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