Growing minds: The University of Washington-Tacoma (UWT) branch is planning to expand into the Old Spaghetti Factory (OSF) building sooner rather than later (UWT owns the building); OSF will move to a new home.

New greenway: Work has started on a new Ballard neighborhood greenway.

HALA moves forward: Mayor Ed Murray releases preliminary legislation for affordable housing as part of the HALA recommendations.

Homogeneity: How the Federal government built white suburbia.

Just how emerald?: What does it take to become a true Seattleite? Apparently a lot.

Vision Zero Bellevue: Bellevue wants feedback on how to make their streets safer.

On hold: The Snohomish County Courthouse project has been put on hold due to cost overruns and disagreements.

Legal challenges: The Washington Supreme Court finds that charters schools are unconstitutional, but Tim Eyman’s blackmail initiative to gut state funding survives for now.

PSq scale: Crosscut talks the “scale” issue in light of recent disagreement over a redevelopment proposal in historic Pioneer Square.

Not by chance: The role that public investment can have in urban revitalization and gentrification.

Safe lanes: Protected bike lanes are 7 times more safe than painted ones.

Waiting less: The City of Seattle is contemplating changes to bridge opening times to only once per hour at certain hours.

Moving on up: Champion’s Party Supply in Lower Queen Anne will be temporarily closing doors for a move to Elliot Avenue. The vacancy will make way for a new apartment building.

Power chargers: Unlikely cities that will power the American economy.

Do not walk: Do walk beg buttons actually do anything? The answer is: sort of. Los Angeles though now has “walkbumps“.

Tall timber: Finland builds tall with timber and the results are marvelous.

Inclusionary: An explainer on inclusionary zoning in DC. Meanwhile, Chicago inclusionary zoning could disappear.

Short haul: Alaska Airlines may be planning a move to a new headquarters in Seatac.

Makeovers: 41 remarkable changes of public space as seen on Google Streetview.

Growing empire: Microsoft’s Redmond campus may be on the verge of further expansion.

The rent: Who’s really rent burdened?

Re-regrading Denny: A Canadian real estate firm is proposing to build 450 more dwelling units in the Denny Triangle using high rises.

Maps of the Week: How many neighborhoods are too many for a map? A brilliant map of New York City. And an intricate map of London that took 10 years to make.

Faster option?: An idea to make transit travel to Downtown Seattle via South Lake Union better.

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