Forest in the clouds: Switzerland has wild plans to build a livable forest on a sky-high tower.

State of emergency: Local electeds put together an emergency plan to address the homelessness crises.

Ahead of the curve: Plans are unveiled for a 19.5-acre mixed-use development in Renton. Office buildings could be as tall as nine stories.

Sticking around: Relax, The Stranger is staying put on Capitol Hill. Thank God.

Fall cleaning: Seattle’s famed gum wall is coming down for a cleaning. But you can soon be adding your “strip” to it again.

More weed: Capitol Hill will get its first pot shop (if you don’t count Uncle Ike’s).

Election 2015: Voters were incredibly generous with the passage of a parks plan in Olympia, a major transportation measure in Seattle (and maybe so in Tacoma), a program to give disadvantaged youth a fair start ($) in King County, a transit expansion measure in Snohomish County, a new minimum wage for Tacoma, and elections vouchers in Seattle. But voters also passed I-1366 ($), the Tim Eyman-backed initiative, to strip state taxes and put the state budget in a world of hurt. Voters in East King County gave Democrats a supermajority on the King County County. And, Seattle City Council races are mostly settled, but two districts could see an upset.

Now Main Street: has opened its first brick-and-mortar store ($) in University Village to sell books.

Death to oil: President Obama puts the Keystone XL Pipeline to death.

A unique passport: The United Kingdom has a new passport depicting the London Underground and many, many men.

Foreign investment: Chinese developers are looking to develop a $135 million University Village-like project in Tacoma.

20 isn’t enough: CityLab explains that speed isn’t enough to make safe streets, it often comes down to street design.

A Canadian leader: Calgary’s cycle track network is a huge success and growing.

Fear persists: Houston voters defeated a non-discrimination bill based upon unfounded and irrelevant fears.

BRT is coming: The Madison BRT open house is coming up on November 16th. Zach has a primer on it.

Power of technology: How Panasonic turned car commuters into transit riders.

More than just weather: How climate change could result in lower birth rates.

Brightening up streets: The coolest of rain-activated street murals.

Speed walking: Liverpool, England seriously opened fast-walking lanes for pedestrians on sidewalks.

Bold action: Madrid has began to implement some serious vehicle restrictions and makes public transit free.

Map of the Week: A map showing every road fatality in the United States from 2004 to 2013.

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