Holiday service: The holidays are right around that corner and that means service reductions on transit.

Galactic urbanismFive amazing cities from the Star Wars universe.

Moving on over: Metro will be moving Route 10 on Capitol Hill as part of the neighborhood bus restructure in March.

Put a lid on it: Scott talks about lidding I-5 in Downtown Seattle on the air with KUOW.

Hot mess: The Herald says that it’s too early to cut the widely criticized I-405 HOT lanes.

Major job growth: Details of Expedia’s Interbay relocation and expansion emerge. Meanwhile, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance looks to their own expansion.

Almost here: The Westlake Bikeway project will begin phased construction in January.

Important housing option: A well articulated defense of mirco-housing.

Still separate: What would it take actually integrate our public schools?

Suburbanation: Old Urbanist looks at regional trends and possible causes for average lot sizes for single-family residential development.

Consequences: Governor Scott Walker fought against nearly $810 million in highspeed rail funding for Wisconsin, but the outfall of that decision has been financially catastrophic for the state and local economies.

Laneways success: Vancouver, British Columbia is leading the way on providing accessory dwelling units.

A new house: Final reveal of what the new Hugo House will look like.

On equal footing: The Federal government has fixed tax laws to give transit riders equal benefits as car commuters.

Tackling labor laws: Seattle adopts a new law allowing drivers of techy ridershare companies to form collective bargaining groups. Meanwhile, the City is evaluating sweeping updates to local labor laws.

Central District redevelopment?: Vulcan is evaluating a possible agreement to further develop the area around 23rd Ave and S Jackson St.

Pricey sale: A newish mixed-use building on 19th Ave and E Mercer St sells for $25.1 million.

Roosevelt BRT: A few more ideas about how to make the Roosevelt BRT project work for bikes and buses.

Rise of the “suburbs”: Two new Bellevue high-rises are slated to begin construction in Fall 2016.

Musical chairs: Who will chair all of the new committees on the Seattle City Council. The new Council will also be much younger and more diverse ($).

Urban disparity: In London, the rich are flocking to the city center while the poor are being flung to the suburbs.

Envisioning ST3: Seattle Transit Blog explains how transfers between two Downtown Seattle transit tunnels could work and then pitches ideas for an underground Madison Street station. Meanwhile, the Kirkland-Bellevue bus rapid transit study would deliver poor ridership numbers, if Sound Transit’s numbers are to be believed, and nearly $1 billion could be spent on 18,000 new parking stalls as part of the expansion program.

Hop on, hop off: Seattlish shares Seattle streetcars of yesteryear.

Map(s) of the Week: Take a whirl with a digital historical atlas of the America and then see the great divide between affordable housing options and economic opportunity across metropolitan regions of the country.

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