Starved for cash: Perennial anti-government provocateur and initiative abuser Tim Eyman has had a profound impact on disinvestment in Eastern Washington due to his ill-advised 1% property tax cap.

Amazon Go: Amazon will soon open a grocery store in Capitol Hill the Denny Triangle using a unique format.

Rail tales: The Los Angeles Streetcar, a 3.8-mile downtown route, gets the greenlight (and highlights on other light rail projects in Berlin, Jerusalem, and Kansas City).

New digs: On a tight site in Pioneer Square, a developer plans to squeeze in a 58-unit apartment and mixed-use building on top of a historic structure.

Bmorebikes: Baltimore has bikeshare and a good chunk of the bikes are electric assist.

Housing policy disasterFive housing experts weigh in on the nomination of Ben Carson as the head of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Just shy: Once again, Seattle falls short of “platinum” status for bikeability.

New transfer stationDetails on the $108 million North Transfer Station facility in Wallingford, which recently opened.

Sound homes: The Port of Everett’s growing waterfront district on Possession Sound has secured an agreement for 254 apartment units.

Trike delivery: UPS is now delivering packages in Portland using electric trike bikes.

No progress: Despite launching Vision Zero a year ago in Washington, D.C., road fatalities have not gone down in the city.

Back again?Are the suburbs really back?

Forget Evilcheeto, don’t quit: A former public servant from Washington, D.C. has a message for federal employees: don’t quit.

Listening tour: A petition forces the Seattle Asian Art Museum to hold another meeting to discuss plans to overhaul and expand the museum.

Vancouver solutionsWould a tax on empty houses in Seattle help with the affordable housing crisis?

Bus dust: China’s once-hyped straddling bus now sits in shed gathering dust.

Less parking: Despite building lots of new apartments in Seattle, many developers are choosing to provide less parking that might otherwise go unused.

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