Perennial crook: Tim Eyman has been caught with money bags from his fraudulent initiative campaigning and the state is going after him.

Budget hunger games: The Washington House passes a budget, but it’s headed to negotiations to reconcile the differences with the upper chamber’s own budget bill.

More than design: To build great public space, you need more than just great design.

Bikeway: Providence is planning to put bike infrastructure in the footprint of what was once a freeway.

Ubered: Uber et al are backing road pricing schemes, and there are good reasons why. Meanwhile, Uber is back to work with their self-driving car testing after one of the vehicles flipped over last week.

Witch hunters: The White House is threatening sanctuary cities like Seattle on funding, but Seattle is fighting back in court.

Industrial powered: Arlington and Marysville hope to add more than 20,000 industrial-based jobs in the years to come; the jobs are predicated on their proposed change in regional land use policy.

Sad loser: In another setback to the Trump family, Chinese investors are pulling out of the family’s ego-crazed tower proposal aptly numbered 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

No vacancy: Toronto and Ontario are looking to tax vacant housing units to help keep housing prices down.

Brutal-less: In an effort to improve lighting, WMATA in DC has added paint to the otherwise dreadful concrete brutalist interior at Union Station.

Sweet deal: Hugo House could get 10,000 square feet in a new mixed-use building for almost half the price of fair market value.

Life again: The restored Publix in the International District is slated to get its first new retail tenants.

High-rise city: London opened 26 new skyscrapers in 2016 with 455 more in the pipeline.

Taming the streets: In the Bronx, a freeway could end up biting the dust to make way for a pedestrian-oriented boulevard.

Bigger BIA: The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce wants to expand the local business improvement area.

Driverless: Streetsblog examines why driving rates among America’s youth continues to decline.

Ballard boatlet: CityLab profiles Mighty-O’s new and quaint boat-themed parklet in Ballard.

Danger ahead: The Puget Sound’s health is jeopardy from more than just cleanup funding from the federal government; the state appears to be headed toward funding cuts.

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