Turncoats: In a unanimous assist by House Democrats, the party is helping Republicans make a raid on the heavily-backed and voter-approved Sound Transit 3 expansion measure, leaving a multi-billion dollar shortfall over the next 30 years.

Wifi kiosks: New York City has launched touch-screen information kiosks in public spaces; the kiosks also provide free public wifi.

No significant impacts: A transportation study shows that the closure of express lanes to Mercer Island for East Link construction will have no significant impacts.

Greening infrastructure: Planners have a new online resource that provides real-world case studies on how to use green infrastructure to mitigate the effects of extreme weather.

Still alive: Multiple carbon tax proposals have been proposed in the Washington State Legislature, but all of them are formally dead for the session; but there is a chance that one of them could become a reality before all is said and done.

Competing arena plans: Seattle has two competing proposals to redesign and upgrade KeyArena to house NBA and NHL teams, which now leaves the SoDo arena proposal as a question mark; AEG and Oak View Group are the competing bidders to redevelop KeyArena.

Endangered: A portion of the Skykomish River is one of America’s most endangered since there could be future hydrologic interventions into the function of the riverway.

FAR out: A new online tool helps visualize how different development standards can affect development capacity of a site.

Housing is health: Why housing policy should be considered a health policy.

No minimums: South of the border, Mexico City is looking to abolish parking minimums.

Innovative infrastructure: The case for making internet part of the Trumpian infrastructure investment plan.

Standing firm: Despite allegations of sexual abuse, Mayor Ed Murray remains resolute in his rejection of the claims and plans to stay in government administration.

Accelerated assembly: Donald Shoup explains how zoning can be helpful in land assembly.

Map of the Week: Research demographer and sociologist Richard Florida has a new map index that measures the American urban crisis; Seattle is oddly absent from the top 20 most socially and economic stressed regions.

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