So sorry: Streetsblog is back with their annual “sorriest bus stop” competition.

Green light: Unionization of Uber and Lyft drivers can move ahead in Seattle after an appeal against the city law was tossed out.

Left behind: The Trump administration is bailing on local communities by dropping a rule giving preference to local contractors on federal projects.

Social equalizers: Cities can part of the solution in rebuilding America’s social safety net according to Brooks Rainwater at the National League of Cities.

Welcoming aesthetic: If you would believe it, rainbow crosswalks can increase trust among others.

Getting to renewable: How do we get to 100% renewable energy?

64%: Some major transit service improvements are coming to Seattle in September.

Destructive force: Ben Carson is quietly overseeing the full dismantling of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is responsible for providing social and affordable housing as well as backing development in cities and towns across America.

New tricks: A new development in a suburb in Montgomery County, Maryland offers lessons in design for old suburban areas.

Inflated wealth: The Seattle metropolitan area has gained 22 “million-dollar neighborhoods” since 2014.

Threatening wild salmon: An incredible amount of Atlantic farm salmon escaped from their pens this week in the Puget Sound, but it probably wasn’t due to abnormal tides.

Public outcry: The US Department of Interior is scuttling a plan to eliminate national monuments, but regulations and the of them may still change.

Remaking a park: The Freeway Park Association has some ideas for improving Freeway Park next to the Washington State Convention Center.

Troubling education policy: Seattle Public Schools leaders are very concerned about the education funding plan that the Washington State Legislature frantically passed earlier this summer.

Rising inequality: Probably little surprise, data suggests that rent burden increases are tied to income inequality increases.

Redevelopment and preservation: A recent redevelopment project in Washington, D.C. shows how preservation and redevelopment can be done well.

Future BRT: Pierce Transit is a planning a new bus rapid transit route.

First in the nation: Sacramento is poised to launch America’s first fully battery electric bus rapid transit route.

Fewer traffic tickets: Seattle police are issuing many fewer traffic tickets, but violations are not necessarily going down in areas where the public might want them ($).

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