New shelter: A new 24-hour homeless shelter opened on First Hill this week ($).

Too much speed: Why are car manufacturers allowed to build cars that go more than 100 mph?

Conceptual planning: A special series on a concept for hierarchical zoning appeared on Strong Towns this week.

Stifling workers: An Obama-era rule to expand overtime pay appears very dead after a recent ruling.

Au naturale: Paris now has a nude-friendly park.

Safety distraction: Seattle Bike Blog says that the King County bike helmet law is highly distracting for bike safety and should be repealed.

Gender pay gap: The Trump administration is dispensing with an Obama-era rule ($) that would have require tracking pay by gender to understand disparities.

Disposing garbage: There may good reasons to consider in-sink garbage disposal over compost bins in cities.

Majority rule: California’s supreme court is making it a lot easier to pass tax funding initiatives.

Storied history: Step back in time to the history of Pioneer Square’s Mutual Life Building.

Map of the Week: From an economic standpoint, states across the country have a lot to loose if DACA is repealed, but the policy shift would also be a human tragedy all its own.

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