Cities for kids: How to design cities for children.

Unfair housing policy: Work requirements and higher monthly payments may come to social housing recipients.

Downside of light: Light pollution can lead to the spread of some diseases, recent study shows.

Preventable: The escape of 250,000 salmon in Puget Sound was entirely preventable according to state agencies.

Coup is brewing: King County appears to want more control over the county arts organization 4Culture, but that may not be wise.

DOA: If there was any hope for a bipartisan infrastructure plan, the Trump plan isn’t it.

Dark money: The Koch Brothers appear poised to mount a fight against a light rail ballot measure in Nashville.

Gift of public funds: With 20 cities remaining on Amazon’s HQ2 short list, economists and academics are wisely petitioning cities not to drain themselves through expensive giveaways and incentives ($) to secure the company.

Private passenger rail: Greater Greater Washington wonders if private, higher-speed rail companies are the way of the future.

Dried up: The impending water shortage and extreme rationing of water in Cape Town is fast approaching.

Unprepared: Earthquake preparation may not be getting the attention it deserves from Washington lawmakers.

PPP over-promised: Kentucky wants to build high-speed broadband internet for all, but its public-private partnership is costing taxpayers a lot more than what was hoped.

Overly-delayed design: Five years of design work and the Northgate pedestrian bridge still isn’t done with the design process ($).

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