Gut check: Should landlords get to use a “gut check” when picking tenants?

Blind spot: Streetsblog discusses the “environmentalist blind spot” on transportation.

Booming ridership: Ridership on Sound Transit continues to surge to new highs ($).

Under wraps: Pittsburgh is trying to keep their Amazon HQ2 proposal under wraps from the public.

Great swindler: The Trump “infrastructure plan” would not generate mere fractions of the purported $1.5 trillion total in investments.

Funding infrastructure: What would it actually take to fund infrastructure?

Innovative retail approaches: SPUR examines some innovative approaches for retail storefronts in a market experiencing great upheaval.

Carbon tax WA: Will Governor Jay Inslee’s carbon tax proposal pass this session?

Microtransit: Jarrett Walker discusses the wisdom of microtransit.

Green gentrification: Los Angeles looks toward revitalization of its historic river and Taylor Yard, but can planners help avoid displacement consequences of “green gentrification”?

Low-cost pop-up shops: Muskegon, Michigan shows how low-cost pop-up shops can be done well.

Pedestrian London: Zaha Hadid Architects have a proposal to pedestrianize London streets.

Black design: See eight developments in Seattle designed by Black architects.

Not so fast: A French court says that Paris’ full ban on cars along the Seine is not allowed.

SRO is art: CityLab takes a look back at a time when single room occupancy housing was common through art.

BC tackles housing: The British Columbian government has taken decisive action to address housing affordability in the province.

Map of the Week: Food aide doesn’t cover the cost of food in most places across the United States.

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