Thwarting secrecy: Governor Jay Inslee vetoed a bill designed to largely shield state legislators from public disclosure, but the State Legislature may come back and override the veto.

Management issues: Sound Transit’s CEO is under the microscope for alleged inappropriate behavior.

Land of guns: There’s now a comprehensive guide to America’s disparate gun laws.

Hyperlooped: Ohio is wasting money to study a hyperloop fantasy line from Chicago to Cleveland.

Costly retrofits: Seattle needs $79 million to fix up earthquake-prone low-income housing, which may comprise nearly 2,000 affordable homes.

New partnerships: King County Metro Transit is looking to partner with employers to provide semi-private transportation.

Head tax recommendation: A Seattle task force recommends a $75 million “head tax” for social services.

Combating pollution: Brussels will provide free transit whenever pollution hits emergency levels.

Messy cities: Why we need messy cities.

Leveraging commuter rail: For Boston, the best bet for improving transportation may be harnessing its expansive commuter rail network.

Economically distressed: Several Kitsap County cities are looking take advantage of new tax breaks to spur investment.

Vengeance governance: The New York Times reveals that Trump is lobbying to kill one of the most important national infrastructure projects over petty politics.

Heck of a job: A new study suggests that nearly four times the number of Americans than originally thought live within a 100-year flood area.

DOA: The Trump “infrastructure plan” is apparently dead since even his party dislikes it.

Map of the Week: How cities are divided by income.

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