Climate impacts: Seattle may think it has a lot of rain now, but climate change could mean the region is unprepared for future impacts.

In for more: Link Transit in Wenatchee is going to the ballot for more transit.

Bikeshare takeaways: What we can learn from the runaway success of University of Texas-Austin bikeshare.

Public benefits process begins: The process begins to finalize the convention center expansion public benefits package, which includes affordable housing and street improvements.

Facilitating e-bikes: New York City makes some space for e-bikes.

Pre-paid postage: King County Elections is pushing for pre-paid ballot postage.

Promoting mass extinction: The Trump administration is considering a proposal that could strip protections from hundreds of threatened species.

Anti-green lobbying and greenwashing: Despite their image sometimes, do people really expect car companies to willingly go greener?

Escalators as stairs: A Sound Transit report indicates that some broken escalators can be used temporarily as stairs.

Locational determinant: How your social class affects where you’ll move.

Shuttering vital care: Amid a statewide mental healthcare crisis, the University of Washington is looking to shutter its psychiatric unit.

Failure of priorities: Should Miami just rebuild its collapsed pedestrian bridge?

New presence: Seattle University’s Center for Science and Innovation will give a new presence on 12th Avenue, the college says.

Lacking specifics: Critics say that Sound Transit’s draft transit-oriented development policy lacks specifics.

Turning on immigrants: With California vehemently and rightly protecting immigrants, the federal government and even local cities are turning on the state.

Work of art: Santiago, Chile has turned a busy street into a work of art.

Keeping transportation funding: Lynnwood has deferred a decision on modifying vehicle license fees ($) dedicated to local transportation improvements.

Cynical governance: Under corrupt and cynical leadership, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to halt better car emission standards ($).

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