Net Neutrality WA: Despite Net Neutrality being cast away in the United States, it’s still law in Washington.

Megaregions: What should we do about the rise of megaregions to make them more equitable and inclusive?

Build it and they will come: Biking on Second Avenue in Downtown Seattle is up 37%.

YVR expansion: Vancouver, British Columbia is looking to expand the region’s main passenger airport (YVR) to the tune of more than $9 billion (in Canadian dollars).

Not the rent, really: Richard Florida says that high housing prices shouldn’t be the blame for falling fertility rates amongst younger Americans.

Salt in an open wound: The head tax drama appears likely to continue with opponents filing their signatures and others filing a legal motion against the repeal process ($).

Bezos thuggery: Depending upon where Amazon’s second headquarters ends up, their employees could wind up unknowingly paying taxes to their employer.

Cowardly engineers: To reject lower street speeds in Portland, Oregon’s highway department cited high speeds as a reason not to.

It’s the rent: The high cost of housing is the significant driver for homelessness growth, a study concludes.

Fighting for salmon: In Oregon, environmentalists are suing the state over how to save dwindling Coho salmon populations.

Vancity Missing Middle Housing: Vancouver, British Columbia could soon expand the use of duplexes, townhouses, small apartments, and taller backyard cottages.

A mural it is: Capitol Hill’s East Design Review Board has settled on a facade dispute by requiring that the developer use a mural on the buidling.

Mosquito Fleet return: Policymakers are looking at more Puget Sound fast ferries.

DC carbon pricing: Washington, D.C. is looking at a price on carbon, but will it be set right?

Rolling back rent hikes: Caving to federal funding requirements, Trump’s housing department won’t hike rents by 300% for those receiving housing assistance.

Geometry: Jarrett Walker says that you can’t fix transit by destroying it.

Seattle’s promise: Transportation advocates say that Seattle must deliver on promised transit, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements ($).

Rowhouse or townhouse?: How rowhouses are different from townhomes.

City flight, maybe not: Are Americans fleeing back to the suburbs?

It’s happening: Ground breaking on apartments at Capitol Hill Station will start this week.

Approved: Lynnwood’s 18-story tower proposal has gained approval ($).

Tragedy on the rise: Sadly, suicide rates continue to rise in Washington ($).

Broken journey: With the collapse of a tunnel, Amtrak’s Coast Starlight is forcing passengers to take a bus between connecting trains in central Oregon.

Stalled redesign: London’s mayor is disappointed about the cancellation of a pedestrianized Oxford Street.

Free the transit: New York City will join in subsidizing transit for low-income residents.

Map of the Week: What you have to earn to afford a two-bedroom apartment.

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