Rails-to-trails: Philadelphia has opened the first phase of the city’s elevated rail park, which could eventually rival the High Line.

Sued for gentrification: Washington, D.C. is being sued for gentrification.

BC affordable housing: British Columbia will spend $500 million (Canadian dollars) on affordable housing for indigenous communities over the next decade.

Cynical billionaires: The billionaire Koch brothers are spending loads of cash to defeat transit project across the country ($).

Reducing per capita emissions: Colorado will adopt stricter car pollution regulations on par with California.

Streetcar rennaisance continues: St. Paul will build a streetcar extension to the Mall of America.

It’s the ridership: Streetsblog explains why building affordable housing around transit is so important.

Keeping families together: Washington will join other states in suing the Trump regime over its new and inhumane practice of separating families seeking asylum at the border.

Measuring people: Portland will install 200 sensors to measure pedestrian and bicycle counts.

New Northgate housing plan: King County is rebooting its transit-oriented development plan at Northgate for new affordable housing options.

New life: Ford will bring the long-disused and grand Michigan Central Station in Detroit back to life with a major transformation.

Redevelopment saga: Capitol Hill Station is finally getting developed for housing, retail, and civic uses, however, some think it does not come with enough affordable housing.

Struggle for housing: In suburban Minneapolis, communities are struggling over whether or not to increase housing density and how to deal with rising housing costs.

Proportional representation: Sightline has produced a four-part series on how proportional respresentation could work in Washington.

Not a solution: Criminalizing homelessness does not solve the problem and only makes the situation more acute for people experiencing homelessness and is expensive.

Targeted capacity increase: London will spend $2 billion to purchase additional trainsets to increase capacity on several key London Underground lines and ease overall system congestion.

Online sales tax: A supreme court case says that states can impose online sales taxes for retail purchases, but what does it mean for Washington financially ($)?

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