Vacancies rising: In the core of Downtown Seattle, 26% of apartment dwelling units are empty ($).

Going all in: A non-profit developer is planning more than 700 dwelling units near the Judkins Park and Mount Baker neighorhoods.

No public vote here: State leaders are dreaming up more unsustainable highway boondoggles from North King County to Puyallup, which could be funded through tolls imposed by the legislature.

DC enfranchisement: Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote? Washington, D.C. may soon decide ($).

Free the transit: Island Transit is sticking with no bus fares for now, except for one route.

PTC nearly 100%: Sound Transit is on course to have positive train control fully implemented by the end of year.

Back to basics: Central Park is now officially car-free.

Value in transit: Data in Atlanta shows that office space near high quality transit is demanding a premium.

Fairness at a crossroads: Now that Anthony Kennedy has departed from the supreme court, what does that mean for federal fair housing laws?

DRB: Several projects in Capitol Hill went before design review.

Kawaii bullet train: Have you heard of the new Hello Kitty Japanese bullet train?

Crisis in SAN: Bridge housing in San Diego, so far, doesn’t appear to be performing at the level of rehousing envisioned.

Resurgence of the belts: The sunbelt and rustbelt appear to be growing the share of highly skilled labor.

Equitable broadband: Boulder is backing a citywide municipal broadband network.

Reducing pollution: Seattle’s plastic straw and utensil ban is now in effect.

Designing affordable housing: New York City’s design commission is taking on affordable housing, hoping to make it better.

Denied: A large multi-tower, mixed-use project near Shoreline has been denied by a local hearing examiner ($).

Far from reality: Rate of crime and fear of crime in Seattle often don’t match reality ($).

LGA airtrain: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting his very indirect LaGuardia airtrain connection.

Hateful governance rejected: The Trump regime’s inhumane family separation policy at the border has been halted ($) and is now being forced to reunite children and parents.

Scootolution: Is Paris ready for the scooter revolution?

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