Decongest NYC: New York City may pass decongestion pricing without state blessing.

Renewing Access: With poor performance, King County Metro is looking to improve its Access service.

Toronto: How smart should a city be?

No impact: A study finds that sharing public transit stops with private shuttles isn’t affecting their performance in Seattle.

Showbox sues: The owner of the Showbox has filed a wide-ranging lawsuit over an emergency, temporary ordinance that the city council passed to impose historic preservation controls.

Dwindling non-motorized funding: States are losing millions in walking and biking funding.

Rahm’s out: Rahm Emanuel is leaving Chicago politics and won’t run for mayor again.

Broadway Subway gets dollars: Funding has come through for the Broadway Subway between VCC-Clark and Arbutus in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Delayed housing: Rising construction costs appear to be delaying approved housing developments in San Francisco.

A living wage: Minimum wage increases in six cities are evidently working just as intended for food-service jobs ($).

No scarfing sandwiches: In Florence, a €500 fine could be imposed on anyone eating during peak hours on four city streets.

LRT: Procurement begins for Surrey-Newton-Guildford light rail project in British Columbia.

Safe injection sites: San Francisco is building a safe space to consume opioids to prevent overdose deaths. 

Dynamic planning: Could dynamic planning to help with affordable housing replace conventional land use regulations?

Eighth inning: A small majority of the Metropolitan King County Council moved a proposal to give a $135 million handout to the Mariners out of committee this week.

Professors, housekeepers, and programmers: People in three occupation types use transit in King County most ($).

Raleigh cottages: Backyard cottages could be allowed in Raleigh if a proposal passes, but the measure is still highly restrictive.

For the streetcar: Social equity, environmental, and business interests make the case for the Center City Connector streetcar project still on hold ($).

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