Battling new 5G rules: Seattle is fighting against new 5G federal wireless regulations ($) since it ties local jurisdictions hands too much.

Save the coast: The California Coastal Act will remain in place ($) thanks to the Supreme Court declining review.

Bike culture: How Bogotá’s cycling superhighways shaped a generation.

It’s about the opportunity: A higher minimum wage could reduce recidivism.

2017 nears records: 2017 was another deadly year on American roads for pedestrians.

Shelter the people: A city report calls for increasing shelter space ($) for people experiencing homelessness to persuade them off the street.

Universal Basic Mobility: Similar to Universal Basic Income, a Universal Basic Mobility could be coming.

Unfit units: Bedbugs are prevalent in some Everett Housing Authority units ($).

Street safety: Streetlights in Detroit has helped reduce pedestrian deaths on streets.

Diving prices: Housing prices in King County continue to plunge ($).

Free the buses: Seven locations where bus lanes would serve a serious good now.

Cities and the flu: There’s a correlation between longer flu seasons and the size of a city.

Stop scofflaws: Camera enforcement of bus lanes is effective, according to a study.

High-income riders: Seattle is one of few regions where high-income earners are more likely to take transit than low-income earners ($).

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