Re-bridging the bay: BNSF is looking at options to replace its bridge over Salmon Bay.

Death nail: Washington’s state supreme court struck down capital punishment in the state over its disproportionate and unfair application.

Step-by-step guide: How can planners fix badly planned cities?

Crisis averted: A pipeline explosion in British Columbia nearly took many buses in Pierce County offline.

Incentivize it: Why does public transportation outside of America work better?

Lively fences: New York City is looking to pilot colorful construction walls and scaffolding.

Capping I-5: Knute Berger talks about how capping I-5 could redeem Seattle’s past.

Serious climate: Paris is leading the way on tackling climate change.

Showbox saga: The City of Seattle is requesting that the Showbox lawsuit for $40 million in damages be dismissed.

Stuck in neutral: According to experts, the federal government isn’t adequately responding to the pedestrian safety crisis plaguing the nation.

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