A healthy initiative: Initiative 1631 could save lives and improve health by reducing pollution.

Mass extinction: Is pedal-powered dockless bikeshare on its way to extinction?

Dividing America: Geographic inequality is worsening across America.

Hermit building boom: Why is highrise housing construction booming in North Korea?

Inequitable by design: According to a new report, Washington has the most inequitable tax structure in the country.

NRA defeated: Seattle’s gun storage law stands ($).

Sign it: To get people to yield to pedestrians, St. Paul is using signage and statistics to get people driving to stop.

Tide of change: What ways can local jurisdictions make a serious dent in fighting climate change?

Plan it: Capitol Hill will soon have a chance to plan new bike lanes on Pike/Pine.

Going solar: A massive solar energy project gains state approval for farmland in Kittitas County.

Not ripe: One of the Showbox lawsuits has been dismissed in favor of the city.

Green in DE: Munich is now Germany’s greenest city.

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